Empowering a Revolution

Eguana designs and manufactures high-performance residential and small commercial energy storage systems. With two decades of experience delivering grid edge power electronics for fuel cell, photovoltaic and battery applications, Eguana has consistently delivered proven, durable, high quality solutions from its manufacturing facilities in North America, Australia and Europe.

Our product lines are based on a proprietary and patented, software-driven, advanced power control technology platform. This standardized platform supports market-specific products that are certified and optimized for use in all major global markets.

Focused on distributed energy storage applications located at the point of energy consumption, we believe this is the most cost-effective way to manage the power grid while delivering multiple value streams to key stakeholders — from the consumer, to the electricity retailer, the distribution utility, and the system operator.

We believe distributed energy storage will be a key enabler of the global energy transition to renewable energy.

With thousands of our proprietary energy storage inverters deployed, we are one of the leading suppliers of energy storage systems for solar self-consumption, grid services and demand charge applications at the grid edge.

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The Iguana Connection

The Iguana Connection

Iguanas spend most of their time in the sun, storing energy for use at night. Iguanas survive in harsh climates, are highly adaptable to different environmental conditions, and enjoy a 20-year life expectancy.

Nimble and efficient, Iguanas have a third eye on their heads to track the sun and detect changes in the highlights and shadows of their environment. We believe that Iguanas and our energy storage systems have a lot in common.

Company Milestones


Introduced the Evolve LFP, making Eguana the first supplier to offer multiple battery chemistries


Signed exclusive private label agreement for Enduro in Germany with Hanwha Q Cells


Launched Eguana-branded Evolve, Elevate, and Enduro fully integrated Energy Storage Systems worldwide


Developed a fully integrated Home Battery System for Mercedes Benz Energy


Established Leadership in Hawaii and launched into Australia with LG Chem based AC Battery


Shipped 4,000+ units into the European energy storage market to establish market leadership position


Launched Bi-Direx grid tied energy storage inverter in Germany


Launched Paralex inverter for thin film applications in North America


Launched Sunergy inverter in emerging European markets


Demonstrated Li-Io battery storage platform for US military applications


Developed high efficiency low voltage inverter for grid interactive fuel cells