Solar Self Consumption

In markets with high electricity rates, such as e.g. Germany, Hawaii or Australia, it can be economical to deploy energy storage systems to store the generated photovoltaic (PV) production for usage in the evening hours.

Eguana's power control systems are optimized for delivering low voltage DC at high efficiency to the grid. Unlike conventional battery inverters, the patented Eguana PCS does not require separate AC/DC charging circuits or external DC/DC conversion devices, delivering the highest roundtrip efficiency for battery systems in the industry. This guarantees a higher self consumption rate and therefore a reduced electricity bill.

As a grid tied PCS, Eguana's products can seamlessly charge and discharge the battery, deliver power to the grid and supply critical loads. Unlike other battery inverters, Eguana's PCS can supply the base loads continuously from the battery system, even during peak consumption times, while simultaneously drawing excess peaks from the grid when necessary. This increases the degree of autarky and further reduces the electricity bill.

Designed from the bottom up to operate at full power 24/7 in the demanding fuel cell environment, Eguana's power control platform is field proven for more than 10 years. This guarantees a maximum lifetime of the components, which is particularly important for applications which require a daily cycling of the battery.

Backup Power

Due to the increase in extreme weather events and deferred investments in the grid, many communities experience a growing rate of grid outages. Energy storage systems can bring peace of mind to those who live in areas prone to storms or unreliable utility grids.

Eguana's energy storage solutions are designed to automatically switch to battery power in the event of an electric company outage.

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