AC Battery - Energy Storage in Your Control

Eguana's AC Battery combines our proven Power Control System with LG Chem's industry leading lithium battery technology to offer a complete residential energy storage system. The AC Battery features full integration between PCS, BMS, and Battery to deliver the industry's highest performance and longevity in an extremely flexible package. The AC Battery can be aggregated into distributed energy resource fleets using our open control interface, or delivered as a fully functional solar+storage solution for homeowners using one of partner EMS solutions optimized for the local electricity market.

Originally launched into the US Residential Energy Storage market, the Eguana AC Battery has now been also certified for installation and advanced grid service capabilities in Australia and across Europe.

Superior Performance and Flexibility for Grid Support Applications

Eguana's AC Battery has been selected by utilities and aggregators deploying distributed energy resources in the USA. Through these projects, the AC Battery is demonstrating its capabilities in frequency regulation, demand response, energy shifting and feeder voltage stabilization applications.

Delivered in an outdoor rated, wall mountable, system certified package, the AC Battery simplifies project planning and is designed for simple, rapid installation in the field. As an AC coupled system, the AC Battery provides full flexibility to be used in conjunction with other generation sources such as Photovoltaics (PV), Wind, Diesel, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or even deployed all on its own

This case study explains how the AC Battery was deployed to support grid integration of California's first Zero Net Energy Home community in Fontana, California


Delivers Homeowner Value

Though many grid services can be delivered from any location on the grid, energy storage installed behind the meter alongside residential solar provides the widest range of capabilities to grid operators and brings homeowner value propositions into the mix.  Residential installation is also a very scalable capacity deployment approach at very predictable and falling costs.  Whether deployed as a homeowner purchased system specifically to optimize self-consumption of on-site generation, or controlled by a third party to deliver time of use optimization, the Eguana AC Battery is easily adapted to new control requirements or scaled to enable systems across a range of discharge durations from 2 to 5 hours.  Its AC coupling approach is compatible with most globally available PV inverters, enabling retrofits and optimizing system designs and costs for the regional market.

Designed for Installers

Most importantly, Eguana's AC Battery has been designed for installers with a focus on speed of installation and automated battery care and maintenance. Eguana's integrated solution eliminates guesswork during installation resulting in complete system installation times under two hours and system level certification streamlines inspection. Integrated controls developed in conjunction with LG Chem mean the battery is protected and state of charge is maintained under all scenarios and the battery can even be recovered from deep discharge levels without a site visit. Installers leave an AC Battery installation on schedule with peace of mind knowing that it will provide worry free operation for years to come.


  LG Chem/Eguana AC Battery Data Sheet - North America

  LG Chem/Eguana AC Battery Data Sheet - Australia/Europe

  Net Zero Energy Home Case Study


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