Eguana's popular AC Battery product line has been expanded to include larger three phase models for commercial applications.  As with our Residential model, the Elevate is a fully-integrated, factory-assembled energy storage and power controls solution that enables fast, flexible, and reliable project commissioning.  This allows project developers to focus on project origination, completion, and operation, knowing that they have a factory tested, reliable, and modular product they can count on.

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The AC Battery features full integration between PCS, BMS, and Battery to deliver the industry's highest performance and longevity in an extremely flexible package.  Monitoring and control of all PCS and battery data  is available through a single MESA compliant interface making the AC Battery easily dispatched by any aggregation network. A convenient location inside the enclosure is provided to install a customer supplied networking gateway.

Modular Systems Mean Business

In many cases, the economics for energy storage pencil out for commercial buildings, but installation constraints prevent projects from moving forward.  In the real world, square footage is a scarce commodity and achieving high opportunity conversion rates requires small, modular solutions that can be installed indoors or outdoors, wherever a few square feet can be made available.  Whether they are installed side by side or spread out wherever space provides, multiple AC Battery systems can be aggregated to reach the desired energy storage capacity for each project.

Total Control for Building Energy Management

With rising electricity prices from coast to coast, intelligent building energy management systems have been growing in sophistication and popularity.  What energy management providers have been missing is the ability to time shift, peak shave, and deliver services back to the utility.  By integrating energy storage with broader building energy management solutions, rather than making storage a standalone project, the battery system can deliver higher value and be installed with lower upfront cost.  Energy storage will achieve its true potential when it gets deployed as part of an overall building energy management system, and only a factory assembled product can make it happen.

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Grid friendly EV Charging

Electric Vehicle adoption is driving the expansion of public EV charging networks.  However, fast charging sites are being saddled with high demand charges that raise prices for customers and undermine convenience.  The advanced control networks that manage these sites are capable of delivering grid services, and much has been written about the potential to dispatch the batteries in parked vehicles for grid support capacity.  But grid service contracts rely on capacity being there when its needed, customers prefer to have their battery filled while parked at a charging station, and vehicle manufacturers are wary of the impact of additional cycling on warranty exposure.    Adding an AC Battery at the charging site solves both problems: reducing charging costs by offsetting the fast charging demand, and allowing the charging network operator to become an energy storage aggregator and earn additional revenue from grid services.


Elevate Spec Sheet – North America

Commercial AC Battery Datasheet – North America

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