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Bi-Direx™ Power Controls - The Superior Choice For Your Storage System

Eguana Technologies can help battery manufacturers design tailored energy storage systems around their battery technologies.

The patented Bi-Direx power electronics platform, which already powers more than 5,000 energy storage systems around the globe, guarantees highest performance and flexibility for residential and commercial applications.

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Bi-Direx™ inverters are optimized for delivering low voltage DC at high efficiency to the grid. Unlike conventional battery inverters, the patented Bi-Direx™ minimizes conversion losses and does not require separate AC/DC charging circuits or external DC/DC conversion devices, delivering the highest roundtrip efficiency for battery systems in the industry.

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Grid Parallel Operation

As a grid parallel inverter, the Bi-Direx can seamlessly charge and discharge the battery, deliver power to the grid and supply critical loads.
Unlike other inverters, the Bi-Direx can supply the base loads continuously from the battery system, even during peak consumption times, while simultaneously drawing excess peaks from the grid when necessary.

Continuous Power

Unlike other inverters, which only supply their full rated power under ideal conditions, the Bi-Direx supplies its full power throughout its voltage and operating temperature ranges.


Designed from the bottom up to operate at full power 24/7 in the demanding fuel cell environment, the Bi-Direx™ platform is field proven for more than 10 years. This guarantees a maximum lifetime of the components.

Global Certifications

The Bi-Direx inverter has all necessary certifications for North America as well as Europe. The advanced grid interactive controls accommodate evolving utility requirements.

Advanced Controls

The Bi-Direx PCS has an enhanced controller that allows direct communication between the PCS and the BMS and maps all the BMS monitoring data through to the PCS register map. The PCS can be programmed to protect the battery no matter what the command from the EMS is.  This allows battery manufacturers to fully stand behind their warranties without having to understand each customer application in detail.

Compatible with all Advanced Battery Technologies

Due to its flexible input voltage, Eguana's AC Battery is compatible with all advanced battery technologies, from Lithium-Ion over Lead-Acid to Redox Flow, Liquid Metal or Sodium-Ion chemistries.


Bi-Direx Spec Sheet

Battery Partners

Our product has been successfully integrated by multiple battery partners including:

LG Chem
Primus Power

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