Our approach to power conversion overcomes a critical problem with power electronics where the conducted losses in electronic circuits increase with the square of the increase in the current passing through the circuits.

To minimize conducted losses, conventional inverters maintain low currents through the electronic circuits and increase the system voltage to increase the overall power rating, but this imposes limitations on the overall system design and is counter to cost reduction trends in battery manufacturing toward larger cells and higher current

Our Patented "pulsed step wave" technology takes a different approach to minimizing conducted losses by sharing the current across parallel bridges and recombining into the AC output waveform through an innovative transformer topology and advanced control software.

The single power conversion step further reduces losses and enables faster and more stable control loops than conventional inverters.

Designed from the bottom up to operate at full power 24/7 in the demanding fuel cell environment, Eguana's power control platform is field proven for more than 10 years. This guarantees a maximum lifetime of the components, which is particularly important for applications which require a daily cycling of the battery.

Our topology and critical control algorithms are the subject of multiple patents issued and pending with the US and Canadian Patent Offices and filed internationally.


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